October 30, 2014


28 Oct, 2014 - Special Publication

Former U.S. House members Tom Tauke (R-IA) and Leonard Boswell (D-IA), who are working with The Concord Coalition and Fix the Debt to raise awareness of the nation's fiscal challenges, wrote this recent op-ed for The Des Moines Register. The article can also be found here

Iowa plays a unique role in our nation’s politics and public policy-making. As a result, we sometimes feel inundated with politicians and political talk...

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28 Jun, 1998 - Facing Facts
On July 1, the Concord Coalition and the AARP will co-host the second in their series of national forums on Social Security. The forum will explore the future of retirement in the next century--and place the debate over Social Security in a broader context.Much of the public equates America's... Read More
25 Jun, 1998 - Press Release
WASHINGTON--A delegation of bipartisan congressional leaders will join Vice President Al Gore at "The Great Social Security Debate," a national forum cosponsored by AARP and the Concord Coalition, on Wednesday, July 1, from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. at Rhodes on-the-Pawtuxet in Cranston, R.I.... Read More
23 Jun, 1998 - Press Release
WASHINGTON -- Senators John Chafee (R-R.I.) and Jack Reed (D-R.I.) will attend the Concord Coalition's new interactive entitlement reform exercise, Just Generations, on Tuesday, June 30, from 3-6:30 p.m., in the Student Union Ballroom at Rhode Island College in Providence, R.I. Just Generations... Read More
21 Jun, 1998 - Press Release
WASHINGTON -- Vice President Al Gore and bipartisan congressional leaders will join AARP and the Concord Coalition for the second national forum of "The Great Social Security Debate" series. The forum will take place on July 1 from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. at Rhodes on-the-Pawtuxet in Cranston, R.... Read More
14 Jun, 1998 - Facing Facts
In April, Congress held hearings on the Social Security Administration's FY 1997 Accountability Report. Among the items discussed: SSA's proud announcement that its "net financial position" is a positive $606 billion. A few weeks later, the Trustees' 1998 Annual Report ... Read More
4 Jun, 1998 - Press Release
WASHINGTON--The Concord Coalition Citizens Council urged the House of Representatives to reject each of the Budget Resolutions scheduled to be voted on today, arguing that passage of no Congressional Budget Resolution this year would be preferable than any of these options. "Moving to a two... Read More
19 May, 1998 - Facing Facts
All of the official pronouncements accompanying the recent release of the 1998 Trustees' report stressed that "Social Security's long-range projections have improved" since last year's report. This assessment, widely repeated in the media, is giving new ammunition to those who want to defer reform.... Read More
29 Apr, 1998 - Facing Facts
Proposals to transition in whole or in part from the current Social Security system to a funded system of personally owned accounts are winning growing support among economists, legislators, and the American public. This is hardly surprising given the huge potential benefits: Not just higher... Read More
27 Apr, 1998 - Press Release
WASHINGTON--New projections estimating that Social Security will begin running large annual cash deficits shortly after the massive baby boom generation begins retiring in 2008 should serve as a catalyst for fundamental reform of the system, according to the bipartisan Concord Coalition. "... Read More
27 Apr, 1998 - Press Release
WASHINGTON--The Concord Coalition Citizens Council today announced its support of the National Dialogue on Social Security Act of 1998 (H.R. 3546). The legislation is sponsored by House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Bill Archer (R-Texas). "In order to prepare our nation's citizens for... Read More