July 31, 2014


28 Jul, 2014 - Press Release

 WASHINGTON -- The Concord Coalition said today that the new reports from the Social Security and Medicare trustees highlight the need for prompt reform of federal entitlement programs, with further delays in such work creating a particular problem for Social Security’s Disability Insurance program.

“As in past years, the trustees’ annual reports remind us that without broad reforms, Social Security and Medicare will increasingly squeeze other parts of the federal budget while putting steady upward pressure on annual deficits and the nation’s level of debt,” said Robert L. Bixby...

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9 Jul, 1995 - Facing Facts
 Facing Facts Alert 4FACING FACTS The Truth about Entitlements and the Budget A Fax Alert from The Concord Coalition FAX ALERT ( Number 4, July 10, 1995) THE FACTS ABOUT FEDERAL PENSIONS In its campaign to block cost-cutting reform of civil service and military pensions, the federal retiree... Read More
4 Jul, 1995 - Facing Facts
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15 Jun, 1995 - Facing Facts
If the current push to balance the budget falters, it will be because defenders of the status quo succeed in misrepresenting it as a mean-spirited assault on seniors.Let's set the record straight. Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats propose spending less on seniors. In fact, the most striking... Read More
5 Jun, 1995 - Facing Facts
Medicare will be solvent until 2002 and Social Security will be solvent all the way to 2030, right?Wrong.  Solemnly intoned by policymakers and recited by the media, these official bankruptcy dates have acquired great political significance. They have afforded the Republican leadership cover... Read More